Wednesday, September 8

the boys

had a lovely time at the Royal Ag Show. The small one tickled the piglets and swapped snots, half strangled small, new fluffy avarian creatures  and watched enthralled as enormous cows tumbled out seemingly unending, huge grassy poos, like really, really very totally enthralled. He watched enraptured as huge sows puckered and did the same and cheered them on. We all watched him being supportive and enraptured. Figuring its his new capacity to go to the loo thats bringing out the interest.  He did however also enjoy heaving his small gumbooted self into huge, murky puddles and tramping through acres of spent straw. He ohhed and ahhed as we left at nightfall and the rides lit up. We had a grand, if not rather poo focussed, day.


Kerrie said...

Ah yes, I remember...two is that wonderful age where everything is poo oriented.

I hope Karin responds here, she has some fantastic poo stories...!!!

I love the Show, we didn't get to go this year but will definitely head off next year.

Annuska said...

I also remember that age! We had holidays were the most lasting memories were poo stories!
It is so cute to have a little one to wonder at the world...