Wednesday, August 25


after all this time, over a year actually, my website and business (well most of it) is ready to rock n roll! I cant believe I have stuck it out, this small business thing. Being an academic all my life I never thought about venturing 'outside', over to the 'other side'. But being an ethical business has good karma attached and besides, this produce bag thing just kinda sucked me in, took me by surprise. I'd never, ever thought about selling anything before in my life. To be honest, I have no idea where the drive for this came from. I really was just 'taken over'.

When people tell you that starting a business is like a good relationship, that you have to be prepared to stick with it, shoulder the ups n downs and hang in there, well, they're right. It's been a life changing process, full of risk and frustration, fear and delight. I have learnt a lot, more than I had ever imagined, been stressed, anxious, stayed up late for many weeks, but i never once wavered in my desire to see these bags being used by many more people. So on the eve of this launch of my online store I am both excited and worried, but mostly rather proud that I bloody well did it. Followed through on an idea. One I really  believe in. Subsequently, I now have a whole new appreciation for small business (but not quite the reverence that the conservatives have about them, no panic required! lol).

Now begins the hard work of getting the bags in 'real' stores. I have a few shops lined up already but I am waiting on the delivery of supplies of my fair wage gauze and net bags to begin this in earnest.

Have a nosy, let me know what needs changing. Buy some bags!


Kale for Sale said...

The website is beautiful. I love the color and that the idea began next door to me. I still Love my cloth bags and they've held up for nearly two years now. They wash up beautifully, never tear; they just get better, softer with age. Congratulations on opening the doors to your new business. Good job!

Kelly said...

thanks! i look forward to seeing how it all turns out!

Em said...

Well done Kel! A heap of hard work in that little cream coloured bag. Your store looks beautiful; enjoy the ride :) Emxx

Kelly said...

hey, nice to hear from you Emma, thanks!