Wednesday, August 11

Green seas?

well no, not very. We are very conscious of eating 'within means' here at Chez Pan. Boring for most people I know, but well, we just cant help it. Meatless most days, and as for fish and other seafood, well we dont see it much. Our last vestiges of 'poor choice meat' has been canned tuna. We make a pasta meal with it about once every few months, some delicious chilli, lemon, garlic, parsley concoction but despite its rarity, it still really freaks The Bloke out. I had spied some 'sustainable' canned tuna at our local organic store , but at over $10 a small can, well I wasn't about to quite cross over!.

So when Julie posted a link on facebook to the Greenpeace 'very accessible and interpretable and 'rememberable' canned tuna listing I read it with interest and promptly let my fingers do the walking and found the Australian stockists online store. At 1/3 the price of local stores, around $3.90 per can for pole caught Slipjack tuna - yes, amazing i know, it's the most sustainable canned tuna around. I bought in bulk and saved on postage...24 cans later with the addition of some amazing canned mackrel and anchovies (really, the mackrel was goood!) the pantry is looking very blue in a non-depressed kind of way. We now have a years supply of tuna for just under $100 bucks, very reasonable for what you get; no bycatch, dolphins, shark or turtle. Its not local but I'm resting much easier here at The Pan.


Tricia said...

Thank you Kelly!!!

I hadn't yet gotten around to checking out the Greenpeace Guide so was still avoiding tuna. It's probably the one thing I miss the most.

I'm off to do some shopping :-)

belinda said...


I had seen these products at my local organics shop but it doesn't seem to stock the tuna at the moment. Now I know it exists I will be sure to ask them to get a case in for me.

Kind Regards

Julie said...

Ooooh, I was wondering what the anchovies were like, thanks :-)

Kale for Sale said...

We were just talking at our house the other day about how we miss a good tuna sandwich. It used to be a speciality of ours. Thanks for the link. I'll check it out.

greenfumb said...

Very timely, I haven't yet managed to wean my Teens off canned tuna and was wondering how to get round the problem. They get a bit fed up with my endless restrictions on the things they can have.

I will give it a go and see how we like it. Thanks

Kelly said...

I have to say, not sure if its the processing or what, but it tastes really really good. And it really feels better .