Monday, August 23

waiting for Dad

Its a sad state of play. The girls haven't heard from their Dad for over two months. They are not too devastated but its confirmatory for them. He really has no idea how to be a Dad. He no doubt, wants them to call, i have suggested they do it repeatedly. But they are adamant. From their point of view, they are the abandoned, the left behind, the discarded children. They want him to keep making an effort, to feel like despite the fact that he left them, he still loves them and wants to be in their lives. But their hope is fading. Its weird. i do not understand that distance from your own children. How can you sleep at night? Is it a male- female thing? Im not sure anymore.


Kerrie said...

My heart goes out to them Kel. I just can't understand anyone just walking away from their children like that. It's so unfair on you having to be the one to deal with the fallout at your end.

I have recently discovered that Matilda's father (who she has never met - he left when I was pregnant), has upped and left his partner and their two sons (11 & 9)...has taken up with his partner's closest friend too. Apparently, he "couldn't stand life being an unrelenting grind". Um, isn't that what life with children can be at times..?? He is now having little contact with his children.

I have been shaking my head over that all week and now hearing your girls father doing a similar thing just flummoxes me. I just don't know. I guess there are women who behave this way too but it certainly does seem more like a male thing. Maybe I'm being judgemental due to my experience..??

(((Hugs))) to B1 & must be so hard for them to understand.

Hmmm...word veri for this post is "banish".

Kelly said...

o he calls tonight (surprise surprise) but only wants to talk to B!- might call B2 later- she's devestated! he's such a tool! a blunt tool!

Kerrie said...

Oh Kel...I'm so sad for her...

What's the bet he doesn't call for ages..??

Anonymous said...

My dad is just as crap. I didn't speak to him for 10 years. Just love your kids and let them know that time does dull the anger and hurt.