Monday, March 14

didn't we have a lovely time

the day we went to WOMADelaide!!!!
I love WOMAD. a big hippy party with loads of great music, awesome food, glorious location and some good grooving to be had. Its not cheap, especially when you're paying for kids to get in (under 12 is free)- squeezed B2 in free but this will be the last year.
My highlight this year was Archie Roach singing Took the Children Away. I found myself  sitting on a hill in a sea of people just sobbing, listening to this magical voice singing poetry, spirited away to a place of deep grief and sorrow while at the same time loving every moment of those tears rolling. His voice is pure joy.


Umatji said...

oh we were on that hill with you. wasn't it amazing. worth the child wrangling I had to do to stay.

vustudents said...

Appreciated your work

Carolyn said...


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