Tuesday, July 13

Mediterranean Glory

arrived. ate. slept. swam
such a contrast to the winter left behind.
I have been staying south of Barcelona in a cape called Salou for these past few days before the conference begins with a girlfriend and her family. Glorious location. Imagine waking up to this everyday? The view from the bedroom Im in is just captivating. Not sure Im ready to hit the city.
We have been swimming, eating and taking siesta. Gazpacho, jamon ( oh my god the jamon!) glorious acorn grazing forest run wild pig ! superb. The fun of  being here for the experience of Spain winning the World Cup was priceless and couldnt have been planned any better if Id tried! .The roar echoing around the cape was impressive when that goal was scored.

Off to Barcelon today and conferncing starts tomorrow. sigh. Totally enjoying Spain and my friends and hope to get to the famous food markets in Barcelona today and meeting up with my friens for tapas tonight somewhere in the city. Glory days.


Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

I am very green (make sure you eat lots and take lots of photos of the food)

Rixa said...

Wow, looks lovely! I'm back home now and everything is much more...boring and blah and just plain ugly. Hard to compete with the mediterranean!

Kelly said...

hi pip- Im green and Im here! I have to say, Barcelona is a pretty special place- a more bohemian style Paris perhaps- it has an edge and i like it. Off the the big marjet tomorrow! stay tuned!\
Rixa- i know- blandness is rather difficult. i love europe but i may have just discovered my second home! and they make great wine, much better than the french! :-)