Tuesday, September 6

well, that was fun!

I woke up last week to a hacked site. Bleugh. Trawling through trying to find the offending code somewhere within the html backend took days. Finally, Im back online- the offending 'warning' popup has gone and I'm back to a safe site. The really stupid thing was it wasn't my site that was actually hacked, just someone else's, somewhere that had a link to this site, who had malware detected on their site. Try finding that needle in the haystack...the problem with this Blogger blogspot gig is that Google 'controls' the site so you cant get 'clean' until they clear you, and you have to ask and prove yourself to get cleared, what a pain! But, I have learnt some stuff. Anyone else had a hacked blog recently?


Sarah said...

Oh dear .. no so far I have been alright but I do know Leonies old blog name was used and then he started to go really waco with it and leading to her new one and so on. All cleared now

Kelly said...

yeah-i had my pandragon twitter account name nicked! no idea how to get it back! :-)

emmani said...

i wondered what had happened, i'm glad you're back

Gavin said...

I had my google account hacked recently. They used my gmail address to send copious amounts of spam to all my contacts. Thankfully Google figured that it was hacked and I had to prove that I was the owner. It turned out that I had a keylogger on my PC and they picked up my password when I logged on to blogger! All clean now, but it pays to have better anti-virus protection.

Gav x

Nicole said...

I got Malware Bytes after I got hacked and it sure was worth it. It seemed that the kids had played some kid's computer games that came with malware. And now it blocks any suspicious sites.

Anonymous said...

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you cant get 'clean' until they clear you, and you have to ask

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