Tuesday, August 2

ouef en cocotte

Our new fast food.
Quick, easy, tasty and nutritious.
Who can resist individual serves a la cocotte?
Two organic eggs in a pot, drizzle with organic cream, some truffle oil and bake in a water bath for 15 minutes in a medium oven, and not a moment longer, for delicious oozy egg yolks and creamy white.
Its a fantastic way to serve 'dippy eggs' for kids who struggle with the shell and parents who struggle with the mess of a kid with a dippy egg!


Umatji said...

um. which is how my 2 says yum or eat - a perfect way to say both I suspect!
oh and why is your partner being sung to by the local rag??

Kelly said...

yum indeed! only a recent convert to truffle oil which sounds awfully pretentious - especially serving to the children! lol - but max flavour, minimal input and so easy. its a winner! Bloke who is also councillor offered up our life to council carbon footprint dude who came and measured our life- turns out we sit at minus 4 tonnes of Co2 and average household is 28 tonnes. Journo at council meeting decided how we 'do it' would make a good one pager.

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meliecia kuh said...

I will surely try this for my kids..
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