Wednesday, April 13

purple clay slow cooker

I think thats what i have? Its what Google tells me it is anyway...

my Chinese purple clay electricity cooker has been devoted to invent electricity cookers with unique oriental culture, and perfectly combines Chinese dietary with a history of thousands of years with ceramics culture.
My clay electric cooker is leading the prosperous development of the whole purple clay cooker industry and is noble and elegant and keep my nutrition food lastingly!
I couldn't figure out how to use it so we just pushed buttons in multiple combinations until it felt noble and right. There were instructions enclosed in the cute midi pot inside for congee making and probably some great recipe suggestions too but alas, my Chinese isnt quite up to scratch.

We were given this a few years ago by a friend visiting from China and I had totally forgotten about it tucked up on a back shelf in the pantry. Having vegos in the house, I dont really ever feel a need to stew the life out of a vegetable. But I had a weekend, cold weather hankering for some chinese beef braised in star anise- you know that awesome flavour? - sweet, deep unami flavour of oh so Chinese yumminess and a thick gingery soy masterstock? And et viola, remembered the cooker!
I dragged it down, dusted it off, pushed some buttons and it performed a treat. I kinda like how quirky it looks. I think it may get a workout this winter.


greenfumb said...

I love Chinglish instructions - I have an incubator that was made in China with hilarious instructions and another from Russia or thereabouts with even funnier ones.

Travelling India was the best though - buying clothes from Suitings and Shirtings and seeing Mined Pork on menus. Hubby still eat Mushli for breakfast 20 years later :-)

cityhippyfarmgirl said...

Good to hear of another that pushes things until they work...although I'm still waiting for something to feel noble and right.
Happy cooking!

...along with Greenfumb- I remember seeing Scream bled eggs in India. delicious.

Kelly said...

hehe- yes! scream bled and Mushli- noice! instructions are really good- i hope they never change! i love them . i think i dont need to really 'get' this contraption- it will just be noble and do the job.

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