Friday, April 23

Spoiler alert!

I've been holding off on a post until I had some earth shattering insight, some major event, some mojo to motivate a glittering post. Naught. I find myself consumed, consumed by an unrecognisable Other, something I cannot put a name to. Its not depression, its not lethargy, melancholy or yearning. Its not anything I recognise other than my mind and body being in an uncertain space. Boundless, ripe and full of life but unknowable and slower than usual and foreign. I cant place it. Life swirls with me in it, fully present, yet detatched. Somehow I dont relate right now... and I have a beetroot and chocolate muffin recipe to share! with pics! Something definitely is rotten...

My mind is taking time off from conscious interpretation and I havent been able to face looking deep into myself that I find the task of writing forces. Im not sure why... possibly Im moving into a new place within? Maybe. Time will tell.
Running has taken over. Pacing, testing, sprinting, bursts of speed and sweat with music blaring in my ears. Good food is still a focus, complex flavours, sound provenance, high quality, shared and rewarding. But a new phase is shadowing and Im uncertain whats around the corner. All i can say is bring on the conference in Barcelona! I need a very large distraction.


belinda said...

Sometimes we are just asked to BE, good luck and best wishes.

Kind Regards

Laura Jane said...

I'd noticed the radio silence, but its not unusual with this hobby of blogging(i've been pretty quiet myself of late).

Hope things settle down soon, and there is some peace (and courage) to do the needful.

Bring on Barcelona! PLEASE photograph the cathedral for me, and spare me a thought while you're there, maybe light a candle? I'll owe you 2 euros.

Kelly said...

belinda- thanks- yes, silence is where Im kinda at right now..interesting as Im usually a blabbermouth!

laurajane- xxx- will definitley do that! sounds lovey. i cannot wait- especially as 2 good friends will be there at the same tme , one for conference, and 1 to visit family so a good time ahead!