Tuesday, September 29

wise woman deodorant

Just like angry chickens, only...different.
Im an alpha male woman. I can pong when the going gets tough. its not nice. I used to hate 'natural' deodorants; no aluminium, tea tree, crystal, rock, organic yaddah yaddah yaddah. None of them worked like the nasty ones did. So i used the nasty ones. Until about a year ago when i saw angry chickens post on her home made pong purger and her declaration that she too was an alpha male kinda woman, who also ponged. Sister! "If it works for her maybe it will work for me too?". So I started making my own and its brilliant. No pong. No sweat. B2 declares it the best ever, I didnt even suggest she use it, she just started and declared in a kinda surprised way that it really works. It does. Its so simple and i get to put to good use the lovely little huon pine box my step dad made for me when i was a teenager from mill scraps collected on holiday in Tasmania(lid missing in pic). I just run the deodorant down to its last scrapings and then whip up a new batch. It takes, oh, about one minute.

Angry's recipe
3 tablespoons shea butter
2 tablespoons cocoa butter
3 tablespoons bicarbonate of soda
2 tablespoons cornflour
essential oil, I used Jurliques' Wise Woman blend
2 vitamin E oil caplets, squeezed ( i dont do this)

Put ingredients together in a glass pot/jug/bowl, except the essential oil, and zap in a microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute or melt in a double boiler. Add essential oil. Stir until mixed and lumps removed. Pot up into container. Thats it. The longest part will probably be sourcing the butters.I sourced some organic, fair trade shea butter and cocoa butter from RAW Organique, an organic online store based in Melbourne.

The deodorant sets firm into a moist chalky texture and its used by pinching up a small piece and rolling it around under your pit until its all worked in. Give it a shot. No plastic. No fuss. No smell!


Veggie Gnome said...

Hey! We've been using this recipe for quite a while now. It works really well. Super easy to make, for sure. I used Ylang Ylang essential oil. Lovely fragrance. It's also very mild on the skin.

I got the ingredients from The Honey Shoppe in the market. Forgot to ask them whether they were organic.

Jacqueline said...

sweet relief!! Thank you - I've ordered my ingredients and I'm ready to go!

Em said...

Thanks Kel! I'll give this a shot. Same thing here, tried a lot of natural deoderants and still stinky. And I *think* I've got those ingredients tucked in the cupboard from soapmaking :)

Annuska said...

It is great- I was wondering what to do when kids get to the stinky stage- which I suspect coming soon- and did not want to use the nasty ones on them! Perfect! Thanks!

Pip said...

Seeing as this was originally an American recipe, did you use Australian tablespoons (20ml) or American/Kiwi (15ml), and were they level or did you just scoop em out? I suppose the ratio would still be similar.

Kelly said...

veggie - sheesh. wanna move in? You know I totaly forgot about the Honey Shoppe. Havent been there for ages, used to get all my 'hippie' gear there.

jacqui- LOL. Glad to provide some sweet relief! You go you!

Em- I cant emphasis how magical this stuff is. To find a natural pong-go that really works. Priceless. Hope it works for you.

Annuska- yay! stinky kid stage is a bit of a shock if i remember, nothing like whats in store tho' LOL

Pip- i just used Aussie tablespoons and figured the ratios would be right. Ummm, i kinda shook the cocoa butter ish as it was in multilength/width shards and the shea butter was pretty hard so did an 'ish' scoop. i dont think being off in the measurements makes too much difference.

ecologicalartist said...

This is such a great recipe, I'm on my way to trying it. Thank you for posting. I also really appreciate your comments and ID help on the Eucalyptus species I used for dye! I did respond to your great comments, but I realize they are just posted to the blog, and I think don't get sent to your email directly?

Kale for Sale said...

I made this over the summer - it's luscious, but I smelled up a storm. We have some laughable stories about it and thankfully forgiving friends. What do you think I did wrong? Maybe not enough essential oil? Everything I read people say it works fabulous. And it did for me too as long as I never got hot.

naturewitch said...

Hi Kel

I made this last year, but with just the bicarb and coconut oil. Worked a treat. The only thing was when the weather got warmer, I started getting oily stains under the arms of my clothes. xx

Tricia said...

Great recipe thanks Kelly (I just noticed you have your name as Kelly now and not Kel - or was it always up as Kelly?). I'll definately give it a go. Its perfect timing cause my natural crystal has been fine over winter - but is not coping at all with the warmer weather and riding my bike to work.

Kelly said...

ecological artist- hi, welcome, no problem, hope it works for you too!

kale- my theory is that some doedorants work for some people, i have tried so many over the years and only this one worked. i think trial and error, but remelt it and add more soda and more esssence. see how that goes. maybe youre just extra stinky! ;-)

naturewitch- yes it good stuff for pong for me and i havent noticed any more staining than i had with nasty deodorants, actualy myabe less.

tricia- new hair , new name! hehe nah, always called Kel/kelly, but it started to look odd to me written down so I changed it. Kel is still fine by me!

Kale for Sale said...

I knew you'd have an answer - I never thought to remelt it. And yes, so stinky. Thanks for the good laugh.

Anardana said...

I use this doedorant too, but I use coconut oil and cocoa butter- no shea. It makes a softer blend.

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