Tuesday, August 12

garden of eden

yippee! feels like christmas, my order of Eden Seeds has arrived. now im not quite as organised as some of you and have them sprinting ahead in the seed equivalent of a mid winter trip to Fiji; the greenhouse (you know who you are) but im chuffed and looking forward to getting cracking with some major planting. I just need to finalise placement in the beds. Blog query: any reason why lots of bloggers use diggers more than Eden seeds? i have used both in the past and not noticed any difference in germination rates but i am wondering if there is some seedy insider knowledge that im missing and i have a fear that you're all going to shout 'loser', shes using Eden seeds!'

Ready to get going are:

Pumpkin - cinderella
Tomato- yellow pear
Tomato - purple russian
Tomato - black krim
Tomato- aunty rubys green
Beetroot - bulls blood
Parsnip - hollow crown
Sweet corn - jolly roger
Beetroot - chioggia
Lettuce - red cos
Lettuce - green mignonette
Bush bean - redland pioneer
Cucumber - marketmore
Zucchini - black
Climbing bean - purple king

im not too sure how to describe the feeling of looking at all these lovely little yellow packets of seeds but its something akin to joy and a feeling of hope and possibility and abundance. especially the tomatoes, i have a very big big thing for heirloom tomatoes. actually, i initially ordered a lot more than these but my very pragmatic husband queried my overkill with a very rational argument about available planting space and seed longevity. the girls and i were not impressed at the time at having our romantic enthusiasm and online affair with the catalogue dampened by such logic.


Unknown said...

Hi Kel, I don't think there is any difference between the two seed providers. I just chose Diggers because my kids bought me the Fruit and Vegetable book they produce that was full of great advice, so I joined up and went with the flow.

To tell the truth, I have never seen an Eden seed catelogue, but am certainly interested. I hope I am not missing out on anything! They probably have different varieties than Diggers, and the more heirlooms that we gardeners can produce and save seed from year after year, the better chance some of these rare varieties have of surviving in the future.


Kelly said...

hi gavin, i have now included the link to eden seed catalogue in the post so you can check it out.

Anonymous said...

I've bought a lot of seeds from
Eden in the past but now I seem
tobe buying more from Green
Harvest - not that there's anything
wrong with Eden; probably the
Green Harvest catalogue arrives
sooner or something like that!

I went to the Digger's garden when
we were in Victoria a couple of
months ago. We'd been there before
but were a bit disappointed this time. Staff very unfriendly, the
entrance rearranged so you have
to go through the shop (and hopefully buy stuff) before you
get into the garden (which they
now charge to see - I don't
remember paying 8 years ago).

Kelly said...

Barbara, checked out green harvest, thanks for the link, hadnt seen them before.

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